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Proudly American Made

Merchant 1 Manufacturing offers quality paint booths at an affordable cost made here proudly in the USA with exceptional in-house customer service. M1M paint booths are designed for extended service and production requirements, while providing the correct environment to produce the finest quality finishes.

All of our paint booths are constructed with premium 18 gauge G-90 galvanized steel. This provides a longer life for your investment. Construction is fast & easy with the engineered panels and self-tapping TEK screws. See below to view our most common size booths. Every booth can be customized to your needs. We also offer powder coating for your booth!

Why buy with Merchant 1 Manufacturing?

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Our paint spray booths are built with UL and CSA-approved components, control panels, LED lights and our fans are AMCA-rated. We design and manufacture in accordance with the industry guidelines to include OSHA, NFPA33, NEC, and BOCA.

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Certified sub-components (Fan/Motor; Filters; LED Lights).

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High-end control panels.

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Our normal production (lead) time is 4-6 weeks. All of our booths ship directly from our warehouse in Reidsville, NC. We value our customers and are here to help!

Featured Products

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Semi Down-Air Intake Box Paint Spray Booth (PBSD141129B)
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Motorcycle Paint Blast Booth (BBFT13813)
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Bench Style Paint Booth
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Open Face Paint Booth *Choose your size*